Determing if our Enhansit will be a good fit
with your chair

You will want to measure the side-to-side of the base of your chair (the part that is resting on the floor - not fabric-to-fabric).

Our EnhanSit is 28" at it's widest point.

Your recliner's width must be under 28" in order to fit our frame.

Anything under 28" will work.

If you have any questions while determining if your recliner will be a good

fit with our EnhanSit, we are happy to speak with you. 

Please call 1-888-706-5536 or email



*Our EnhanSit WILL NOT be a good fit with a swivel base. We do not recommend putting our frame on a swivel base and this will void our warranty. Any wall saver recliner, rocker recliner or power recliner will work with our EnhanSit.*