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Frequently Asked Questions
For your convenience, we have compiled a list of frequently asked questions.

A: What type of chair does the EnhanSIT work on?
The Enhansit will work on MOST recliners made today. It works on standard recliners, rocker recliners, wall-saver recliners and power recliners. We do not recommend using the EnhanSIT on swivel recliners. Be sure to measure the base of your recliner before ordering to determine if the EnhanSit will be a good fit with your recliner.  

A: Is the EnhanSIT covered under Medicare?*
Yes, the EnhanSIT is covered under Medicare HCPCS (pronounced "hic-pic") Code EO628 – Separate seat lift mechanism for use with patient owned furniture – electric. You can view a copy of the Medicare Region Medical Policy.

A: How difficult is it to assemble the EnhanSIT?
There is no assembly required! The EnhanSIT ships fully assembled and ready to install on your chair!
 You simply have to attached the EnhanSit to your recliner.

A: How difficult is it to install the EnhanSIT?
The EnhanSIT installs easily in minutes!

1. Tip the recliner on it's back. Place the EnhanSIT lift frame against the bottom of the recliner.

2. Position, the (4) U-bolts around the frame (on the bottom of the recliner) and through the perforated plate on the EnhanSIT lift frame. Install the nuts on the U-bolts. Install the (4) levelers to the bottom of the EnhanSIT lift frame (make certain the longer leveler legs are placed in the frame, on the back of the recliner).

3. Connect the motor to the AC adapter and the hand controls to the motor. Use the wood screw and cable clamp to fasten the hand controls cord to the side of the recliner (just under the armrest). Raise the chair to the upright position and your done!

A: What is the weight limitation of the EnhanSIT?
The weight limit on the EnhanSIT is 300 lbs. plus the weight of the chair. (Exeeding the weight limit of the EnhanSIT will void the limited warranty. We reserve the right to have your weight verified by a doctor.)

A: Can I use the EnhanSIT on my Arm Chair?
The EnhanSIT lift frame is designed for use on recliners only! We do not recommend the EnhanSIT lift frame be used on any other type of chair!

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